Snowman Mosaic Craft

All you need is Clear contact paper.
Tissue paper in white and blue.
construction paper in orange and black.

Simply cut out a snowman shape from your clear contact paper.
Cut white and blue tissue paper into small pieces (about an inch tall/wide)
allow your little one to paste the with and blue tissue paper all over the clear snowman.
Help cut out smaller black squares or circles for the snowmans buttons, hat or smile, cut out a small orange triangle for the carrot nose!

Penguin Heart Craft

Make Adorable Heart Penguins with just a few items.
1 page of black, white and orange construction paper.
Googley eyes (**optional** eyes can be drawn on if needed).

Make a decent sized oval cutout from your black construction paper (one paper should give you two ovals aka penguin bodies.
Cut out two large heart shapes from the white construction paper, slightly smaller than your ovals. These will be the bellies of your penguins cut out two small orange hearts for our penguin beaks, and 4 medium sized hearts for penguin fee.
Add googley eyes.

Coffee Filter Bat Craft

*Coffee filters (white)
*Small googly eyes
*Eyedropper (or spoon)
*Crafters tape

1. To make a bat you only need one clothespin and one coffee filter.
2. Fold the coffee filter in half and color with markers. Remember the more color you add and the less white left behind on the filter will make darker, more colorful bat wings.
3. Use the eyedropper to carefully drop water on to the filter, the whole filter should become wet- but not sitting in a pool of water.
4. Allow the filters to dry overnight on a cookie sheet (you can dry them outside if its warm and sunny in just an hour or so but careful- they can blow away!)
5. Once the wings are dry, fold them one more time in half, cut out the edges of the filters to mimic Bat wings as shown below.
6. Paint or color your clothespin black- this will be the body of your bat. Glue Googly eyes if desired. (cut out drawn eyes work just as well).
7. Unfold your coffee filter, pinch in the middle and slide up through the clothespin.

Fizzy Fun Pumpkin Art

Science and Art combine in this fun Fall craft, great for all ages.

*Food Coloring- orange, red, yellow
*Citric Acid- available at grocery stores
*Baking Soda White Card stock Paper- cut out into pumpkin shapes

1. To begin, mix up a water/baking soda solution. (2 Tbl Water+2 Tbl Baking soda).
2. Paint the baking soda solution over your pumpkin cutouts. Then create your citric-acid/ food coloring solution- Have Fun! Combine some colors if you’d like to make for some cool color variations on the pumpkins!
3. Test out techniques, drip, splatter, brush- see how it makes the pumpkins look!
4. Allow to dry, add googly eyes for personality! *MAKE IT YOUR OWN!- not a pumpkin person? That’s ok, tweak the craft and decorate other shapes to your liking- leaves or apples are other great autumn ideas for this craft!

*MAKE IT YOUR OWN!- not a pumpkin person? That’s ok, tweak the craft and decorate other shapes to your liking- leaves or apples are other great autumn ideas for this craft!

Fall Tree stamp-painting with Broccoli

Painting with something other than a paint brush can be a fun adventure!

*All you need for this craft are some broccoli florets.

1. Pour your favorite fall paints on to a plate (red, orange, yellow, purple)
2. Use your broccoli floret in place of the paint brush, combine some colors and have fun!

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