Frozen Sun Catchers

Gather up some natural items from a walk outside (the more colorful the better).
Leaves, branches, twigs, berries, flower buds ect.
Find a paper plate or plastic lid and fill with water.
Arrange your items in the water and allow to freeze overnight.
Hang outside to display!

Indoor “Snowball” Fight

The next time the family is stuck inside and kiddos need to expel some energy, try having an indoor snowball fight!
Make your snowballs by simply balling pieces of newspaper and placing inside some white socks. Tie off with rubber bands.
Once everyone has a few snowballs to throw, let the games begin! Make sure you have an area with as much space as possible but these snowballs should be relatively harmless and lots of fun!

Take a Walk – Fall Scavenger Hunt

Kids will keep their eyes peeled walking on the lookout for these autumn items sure to get everyone in the fall spirit! (these will be in square chart with the images in the boxes)

*A red leaf
*Someone in a jacket
*A trail leading into the woods
*A pumpkin
*A sunflower
*A yellow leaf
*A spider web
*A migrating butterfly
*Geese flying in a ‘V’
*A pinecone
*A tree losing its leaves
*An acorn
*An orange leaf
*A squirrel
*A school bus
*Bonus* An owl or hearing an owl hooting.

Minute to win it! Elephant March Game

*Panty hose
*Baseball or racquetball
*8 (full) water bottles
*Chalk or tape
*A stop-watch.

For this hilariously fun game, individuals will place a pantyhose on top of their head, using a ball in the leg of the pantyhose for an elephant trunk.

Place a center line along the floor with either tape or chalk and arrange the water bottles down it, keeping them at least 4 feet away from the line.

Before the timer starts, put the pantyhose over your head, with the empty leg tucked into your shirt and the leg containing the baseball swinging in front of you. The baseball should be resting on a table or other platform. Stand with one foot on either side of the centerline.

Start the timer. Begin swinging the baseball back and forth using your body while moving up the line. The object is to swing the ball far enough to knock all of the water bottles over. If you accomplish this before the 1-minute timer is finished, you’ve succeeded.

The Rules:
*You may not use your hands to move the pantyhose, baseball or bottles. All motion must be initiated with your body movement.
*Bottles can be knocked down in any order.
*If your foot crosses the center line, the game is over.

Marshmallow / Pom-Pom Shooters

All that is needed for this activity are: plastic cups (yogurt cups and cake pop containers work, too!) Balloons Marshmallows or Pom-poms Scissors Steps.

Cut your cup in half Tie off the bottom of your balloon, but don’t inflate.

Cut the top part of the balloon off.

Stretch the remaining part of the balloon over the cup to shoot marshmallows or pom-poms, place in the cup, pull back on the balloon tab!

Easy Dancing Corn

*Mason jar or large glass
*1/4 or 1/8 cup of popping corn
*2 tbsp of baking soda
*1 cup of vinegar
*2 cups of water *optional-food coloring

1. Fill your mason jar or cup with 2 cups of water and have your helpers(s) add the baking soda.
2. Add a drop of food coloring if you wish.
3. Add the popcorn and discuss what you think will happen when the vinegar is added.
4. Pour in the vinegar, slowly.

What happened?
The secret to the magic dancing corn is the baking soda and vinegar chemical reaction. The carbon dioxide bubbles lift the corn, but as the bubbles pop, the corn falls back down!

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