Root Pilates

Root Pilates at RAC strives to meet the needs of our clients while practicing this amazing method of body conditioning. We offer a full system of Pilates apparatus classes including private, semi-private, and group equipment sessions, as well as group mat and BarrePOWER classes taught by certified instructors who will help you achieve your goals. All Pilates Mat, Pilates with Props & BarrePOWER classes are INCLUDED in your RAC membership. Equipment classes are fee based to members and non-members.


    Class Schedules

    *Please see our Raintree Athletic Club APP for instructor substitutions or class cancellations

    Class Descriptions


    This class uses Pilates and basic ballet conditioning exercises, while incorporating light hand weights and intense isometric exercises on the floor and at the barre. This technique creates long, lean muscles at a quick pace to burn fat and sculpt the body.

    Strong Bones

    Strong Bones is a Pilates Mat program that provides a full body workout. Exercises include strength training, balance, functional movement, and rehabilitative exercise. This program is safe for those with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

    Cirq-It Pilates

    Do you want to burn fat, tone your muscles, get that lean long muscle in a fun and supportive environment? Cirq-it combines Reformer, Jump board, Tower, Bosu & free weights in a structure where two sequences of 4 exercises each are executed 3 times before moving on to the next sequence. $25 members, $30 non-members. Package rates available. Register online or at the front desk prior to class.

    Pilates Equipment

    The Root studio is equipped with Reformers, Towers and Chairs to provide the most complete Pilates experience that keeps your body and mind challenged! A chance to use a variety of the equipment in the studio in a guided setting appropriate for beginners as well as experienced pilates students wanting a slower-paced class. This full-body workout increases strength and flexibility, while improving posture, balance, breath and muscle control. $25 members, $30 non-members. Package rates available. Register online or at the front desk prior to class.

    Tower of Power

    The Pilates tower blends the use of arm springs, leg springs, and various bars with matwork to deliver a very effective and satisfying workout.  Using the weight resistance of the various springs increases metabolism and muscle definition.  Leave your body more aligned, lengthened, strengthened, and certainly more powerful! $25 members, $30 non-members. Package rates available. Register online or at the front desk prior to class.

    Pilates with Props

    Is a fun way to explore your body and experience a different kind of challenge and support in the Pilates Method. Pilates with Props will offer work with small 5 inch balls, magic circles, rollers, and therabands to challenge and assist your core, upper body strength, lower extremity strength, coordination and balance.

    Reform and Transform

    The reformer is the centerpiece of the Pilates apparatus and is considered the “moving mat”.  It brings an incredible dimension to the work and simultaneously supports the body while challenging the core strength and overall stabilization.  All exercises are done with controlled, precise movements and follow a specific sequence building in mental and physical intensity as it progresses.  With consistency you will feel and look transformed! $25 members, $30 non-members. Package rates available. Register online or at the front desk prior to class.

    Mat Pilates with Props

    Build your foundation for understanding the Pilates Method while emphasizing proper body mechanics, breath control, abdominal support and spine/pelvic alignment, while stretching, strengthening and lengthening your muscles. You will experience each movement from the inside out as you improve coordination, balance, posture and flexibility. All levels welcome! Most mat classes incorporate props to provide support, feedback, challenge and fun!

    Pilates Pricing

    New to Pilates?

    • Try our Introductory Private Session for $44.95 (members & non-members).

    Private Sessions

    A private session involves one-on-one focused attention. Personalized workouts are tailored to meet individual goals and address specific needs. Private sessions are ideal if recovering from injury or have chronic pain. It can also be used as an initial evaluation, an occasional check-in to assure correct form or to further your fitness goals.

    • Initial Session: $44.95
    • 1 Session: $65/members, $75/non-members
    • 5 Sessions: $300/members, $350/non-members
    • 10 Sessions: $550/members, $625/non-members


    Duets are held 2 students to 1 instructor, offering personal attention and reduced rates.

    • 1 Session: $45/members, $55/non-members
    • 5 Sessions: $200/members, $250/non-members
    • 10 Sessions: $325/members, $425/non-members

    Pilates Group Equipment Classes

    A chance to use a variety of equipment in the studio in a guided setting. This full-body workout increases strength and flexibility, particularly for the back and abdomen, while improving posture, balance, and muscle control. Exercises will vary each week and include a combination of Pilates equipment. Classes are offered beginning through advanced level students and are limited to 4 students. SIGN UP REQUIRED.

    • 1 Class: $25/members, $30/non-members
    • 5 Pack: $100/members, $135/non-members
    • 10 Pack: $160/members, $240/non-members

    Pilates Referral Program: Refer a friend* and you receive a FREE Equipment Class! *Referral must purchase a Pilates Package (5 or 10 pack).
    Grab a referral card to hand to your friends. Have them drop the completed card into the Referral Box located inside the Pilates Studio. You’ll receive your free class once they have purchased a package.

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