• BA in Psychology and Spanish from Cornell College
• Master of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State
• Currently pursuing a PhD in Human Bioenergetics from CSU
• ACE Certified Personal Trainer
• Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified Nutrition Coach
• Les Mills Certified Body Pump and Body Step Instructor
• First Aid/CPR/AED Certified


• Exercise Motivation
• Weight Management
• New or inexperienced exercisers
• Strength Training
• Endurance Event Training
• Building life-long physical activity habits


Traveling, taking dance lessons, spending as much time as I can with family and friends, eating good food and drinking good wine, visiting family, walking my adorable dogs, movies, and music.


I have two mantras. The first is “It isn’t ALL OR NOTHING, it’s ALWAYS SOMETHING.” In my area of research, I find that people often go all in when starting an exercise program, striving for perfect adherence. This works for a while, but can often lead to feelings of burn out, or failure because perfection is typically not always possible. If we flip the script and focus on doing some small amount of physical activity each day, while honoring our physical, mental, and emotional states, activity can become a habit. My second mantra is “Comparison is the thief of joy.” No one else has your unique anatomy, physiology, or psychology so comparing ourselves to others is often a futile endeavor. Let’s compare ourselves only to who we were yesterday, taking steps to be a little bit better each day. After a year, you’ll be surprised how far you have come!

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