• B.S. Health Promotion and Wellness – University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
• Level 2 MovNat Certified
• CPR/AED & First Aid Certified


• 1 on 1 Training
• Small Group Fitness
• General Fitness
• Mindfulness/Mindful Movement
• Functional Fitness
• Balance, Coordination, and Mobility
• Strength Training
• Injury Prevention and Rehab
• Training for Longevity


• Shamanic, community, and nature based healing practices
• QiGong and meditation
• Time with loved ones, family, and friends
• Art making, painting, drawing, tattoo design, poetry, and sculpture
• Traveling, camping, and hiking
• Riding my motorcycle


I believe that the foundation to any health practice is developing and maintaining a healthy and kind, lifelong relationship with our body. This is the only body we get so we might as well learn how to work with it and support it in its own natural ability for growth and healing.

In training, I support others in doing more of the things they love to do, as well as provide guidance for others to build a healthy and strong relationship with their body.

• I believe training should help us improve our strength, flexibility, coordination and balance
• I believe training should help us move pain free
• I believe training should help us become more mindful, present and grounded in our bodies
• I believe training should be fun and dynamic
• I believe training should help us do more of the things we love to do or need to do outside of the gym, whether it’s playing a sport, playing with our kids, gardening or even making daily chores around the house easier

If any of these resonate with you, then contact me for a movement assessment and see if we can work together!

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Half Sessions

1 Session | $55
5 Pack | $225
10 Pack | $440

Full Sessions

1 Session | $70
5 Pack | $315
10 Pack | $600

Buddy Packs

1 Session | $50
4 Pack | $180
8 Pack | $340

(Prices Per Person)

Monthly Subscriptions Half Sessions

4 Sessions | $156
8 Pack | $312
12 Pack | $468

Monthly Subscriptions Full Sessions

4 Sessions | $212
8 Pack | $424
12 Pack | $636

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