Mariah began her love of healing in high school when she attended mindfulness classes, yoga classes, and found that her intuitive ability to provide massage was a benefit to those around her. In 2009 she graduated from the Professional Massage Therapy and Master Bodyworker programs at Steiner Cruise Ships’ Utah College of Massage Therapy (sister to Denver School of Massage Therapy). In 2016 she became a Certified Yoga Teacher through Front Range Community College.
“I’ve noticed a lot of pain comes from muscle injury, poor posture, and repetitive use strain. My techniques incorporate muscle healing, decreasing tension, releasing knots (aka trigger points), and returning muscles to proper health and function. I have seen massage be extremely beneficial for active individuals, decreasing recovery time after workouts and sporting events from a few days down to a few hours. Imagine experiencing less post workout soreness that commonly comes over the next few days! Massage helps your body recover faster after a workout and gets you ready for another workout sooner, decreasing the risk of potential injury from overuse.”
Combined her training totals over 1300 hours in massage, yoga, and postural alignment therapy. She specializes in sports massage (pre-workout, post-workout, and maintenance), orthopedic massage (injury rehabilitation), structural integration (postural correction through massage and yoga), craniosacral therapy (Upledger method), trigger point therapy, deep tissue, relaxation massage, prenatal/ postpartum massage, infant massage classes, and therapeutic yoga.
Outside of work Mariah enjoys doing yoga, playing disc golf, bicycling, and loves visiting art and science museums, zoos, and botanical gardens. Her interests include nutritious cooking, energy healing, aromatherapy, herbalism, dance, lyra, writing music, taking continuing education in massage and yoga, and living sustainably.

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