We reached out to members to see how RAC virtual has impacted them. Read about Asuka’s experience and how it has helped her become stronger, healthier, and more at ease.

Why did you choose to start using RAC Virtual?

I decided to be pretty socially distanced when COVID hit, not only for my personal health issues but those I love.  This was REALLY hard because this meant that I wasn’t going to attend RAC anymore, which meant no more Body Combat, Pump, Grit, Sprint, etc.  I started with Les Mills on Demand, and while these classes are great, I MISSED group fitness from RAC – I was always the front row center person in all the classes I attended.  So, when RAC announced there would be LIVE classes, and then I learned it was being STREAMED REAL-TIME, I had NO hesitation on joining!  For like $7 bucks a month, that is a STEAL.  Even though I can’t be at RAC in person, the Virtual classes make me feel a part of this community that I have grown to love.  Also, RAC instructors have the best sets, bring the best music, and I burn so many more calories with the Virtual classes than any Les Mills on Demand workout.  I am just more pumped!

How has RAC Virtual had an impact on your life?

Even though I was doing Les Mills on Demand, I wasn’t being as active as I was when I was attending RAC in person.  I was maybe doing a class or two a week.  RAC Virtual has allowed me to do more classes  (I am taking 3-5 each week now), which was where I was out BC (before Covid).  It also keeps me accountable.  If the instructors and RAC are going out of their way to make sure Virtual classes happen, if I sign up, I better be there!  Working out is and has always been a great way for me to manage stress.  So, I am glad to have these options back with the instructors I love.


What change have you seen in yourself since using RAC Virtual?

Like I mentioned, the stress reliever is super helpful! I work a very stressful job, and the pandemic hasn’t helped with that.  So, having a more consistent outlet to de-stress and decompress has made me happier and probably a bit easier to be around for my partner haha!  I am getting back into shape’ with Virtual classes being excited to take as many as I can each week.  I not only feel stronger and healthier, but I like being dedicated to my fitness more consistently now and having the option to do so.

What features of RAC Virtual do you use?

I am all about the live fitness classes!!!!! Live Combat, Live Pump, and looking to do other live classes as well.  These are what I am normally using VAC Virtual for.  I also appreciate the announcements through RAC Virtual  The app and Virtual classes make me feel like I am still a part of RAC and I know what is happening with RAC and the RAC family.


I am EXCITED about more class opportunities!  I am also excited to see more people “watching” during the live classes.  So, I am glad they are gaining some momentum.  I guess all I have is a tip to making the classes more enjoyable if able for folks.  I bought a very affordable HDMI plug-in that I can plug into my phone and Ipad to my TV!  So, if folks are having a hard time seeing the classes from their laptop or devices, consider investing in a simple cord! I broadcast classes off my TV in my garage, and my sister even joins now (and another friend that is part of our small covid bubble).  So, we get to have a small workout party Sunday Mornings for Combat!

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