Be on time for class or be early.
Some classes use a variety of equipment and if you arrive just as class is beginning, you might miss out on part of the warm-up. Also it might be necessary to consult the instructor before class – ie choosing the appropriate amount of weight for BodyPUMP etc.

Appropriate clothing and no bare feet.
You should be comfortable in your clothes and they should not restrict your movement. No open-toed shoes, or bare feet allowed, except in BodyFLOW where the use of a mat is required.

Save “chit-chat” for before or after class & silence your cell phones.
Not only is it courteous but becoming a distraction might prevent you, or someone else, from hearing important instructions. Please leave cell phones in the locker rooms.

Choose a spot in class that works for you.
If you are new to class, resist the urge to hide all the way in the back of the room – you won’t be able to see the instructor clearly. Instead, find a spot in the middle – comfortably behind experienced members but able to see what is going on.

Instructors welcome feedback after class.
All of our instructors are very interested in your ideas and questions but as a courtesy its best to wait until after class.

Follow instructors’ modifications for an easier or harder workout.
If the class isn’t going the way you anticipated, please resist the urge to start doing “your own thing” during class without first consulting the instructor.

Return equipment to appropriate space after use.
Please put your BodyPUMP equipment and dumbbells back in the appropriate area, stack like BodyPUMP plates together, stack benches against the far north wall and bands back in the cabinet.

As a member of Raintree Athletic Club you have access to all of our first-class amenities. Kick-start your fitness goals today and contact any of our Club Specialists for more information at [email protected] or 970-821-9410 option 0.

A full service, locally owned and operated health club committed to providing “a lifetime of fitness” for members regardless of age or fitness level.

  • We are proud to provide an unparalleled
  • health club experience,
  • in the heart of Fort Collins,
  • for those wanting to exercise the body and renew the spirit.
  • Whether you engage in a serious training session or just enjoy a leisurely stretch,
  • the club’s features, services and equipment
  • create a unique fitness center unlike anywhere else in Northern Colorado!

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