Small Group Training Programs are another great option for anyone looking to get the extra push from a personal trainer but in a group setting. Below lists all of our group training program options.

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    Class Descriptions


    CHIKS – Crazy Hotties In Kick-butt Shape is an evening women’s group that includes motivating and fun exercise and provides great camaraderie and accountability. Meet once or twice/week (per agreement with the trainer) and you can be on your way to achieving your fitness goals! Heart rate monitors helpful, but not required.
    10 Sessions: $350/member.


    Glutesanity is one hour of strength training to target your glutes and lower body, with a focus on improving shape and strength. You can expect to use equipment, free weights, bands, and body weight as your resistance. Strong glutes aren’t just for vanity; they directly correlate to speed and power output, in addition to core stability, balance and decreasing the potential for knee injuries. Led by Certified Personal Trainer Niki Veldman.
    5 Sessions: $150; 10 Sessions: $250
    Members only. For more information contact Niki at


    Balance for Life focuses on exercises to maintain and enhance balance for stability in adults.
    Days: M/W
    Classes: 8-45 minute sessions
    Cost: $98

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