Mountain Melter

This is our signature full body massage, with the addition of heat and aromatherapy! Melt into the table with aromatherapy-infused towels on the back, chest, and feet throughout the massage. We’ll attend to areas of tension while incorporating breath work, essential oil-infused lotion and an aromatherapy diffuser during this massage to create a luxurious, yet effective massage experience!

30 Minutes: $55
60 Minutes:
75 Minutes: $95
90 Minutes: $110

Earth & Sky

Love scalp and feet work but feel like the average massage doesn’t spend enough time on these areas? Problem solved! This treatment is all about the often overlooked, but vitally important head, face, hands, and feet. We’ll start with massage then, a hot towel on the face/scalp, followed by a  luxurious scalp massage with a heated scalp-specific oil blend. While the scalp absorbs the oils, the face, hands, and feet are massaged and pampered. Hot towels are also included on the feet and a peppermint lotion is applied, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

60 Minutes: $85
75 Minutes: $100
90 Minutes: $115
120 Minutes: $145

Hot Stone

A deeply relaxing massage treatment that soothes frazzled nerves, relieves aching joints and tight muscles. The warm, wet, penetrating heat of the stones seeps into every layer of the body as one of our skilled therapists works the soreness and tension away. Aromatherapy in the diffuser and breath work complete the relaxation experience.  

60 Minutes: $95
75 Minutes: $115
90 Minutes: $130

Prenatal Massage

This is a very relaxing massage for the expecting mother. Prenatal massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and edema (or swelling). A doctor’s note may be required prior to the massage.

60 Minutes: $80
75 Minutes: $95
90 Minutes: $110

Stretch Therapy

Finding yourself not taking the time to stretch? Or maybe you don’t want to put in the effort?  Let us do it for you! Stretching, done properly, can increase your range of motion while reducing the risk of injury and relieving pain.

30 Minutes: $50 (spot treatment)
60 Minutes
$80 (full body stretch)

Sports Massage

This massage releases deeper layers of muscle and tissue using trigger point therapy, orthopedic massage, and myokinetic (muscle movement) techniques to relieve pain, release tightness, and improve performance. Choose 1 – 2 areas of the body to focus on and get the detailed work you need!

60 minutes: $85
75 minutes: $100
90 minutes: $115

Craniosacral Massage

A gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system. shown to help with migraine headaches, concussions, insomnia, traumatic brain injury, nervous system disorders, and recovery after accidents.

30 min $60
60 min $80
90 min $110

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