Youth Swim Lessons

Group lessons are for children 3 & up and are separated into levels after individual assessment. Our instructors guide children through a series of skills designed to keep them comfortable in the water & teach proper technique of each of the four competitive swimming strokes.

Registration opens August 19th!

Classes are held continuously September 9th – May 16th. Swimmers can be registered in a class 3 weeks prior.

Registration is available at the front desk. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Level Descriptions

Beginner (4:1 ratio)

  • Floating without support (front/back)
  • Exiting the pool without the ladder or stairs
  • Float from vertical (front/back)
  • Freestyle arm and leg action (5 feet/lane line)
  • Rolling front to back floats

Intermediate (5:1 ratio)

  • Kicking
  • Streamline (front/back) with flutter kicks
  • Start of side breathing
  • Freestyle – combining arms and legs 25M (this is performed by rolling on the back and back to the front)
  • Backstroke – combining arms and legs 25M

Advanced (6:1 ratio)

  • Freestyle with side breathing 50M
  • Strong smooth kick on back in streamline with toes out
  • Backstroke 50M
  • Breaststroke kick

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