Masters Swim at Raintree Athletic Club is for those adults that would like to have an organized swim as a group workout. Swimmers of all levels tackle organized workouts designed to help increase speed, endurance, and technique in a fun team environment. Our Masters Swim is great for anyone wanting to improve their swim strokes as one of our great Masters Swim Coaches are on deck to help you. We provide a fun atmosphere with encouragement from the team environment. We offer a non-intimidating environment for all to join. We want you to love swimming!

Masters Swim

Masters Swimming

The masters swimming program is for experienced adult swimmers. The class is for those who desire to improve their fitness level, to train for a special event, or to have the support and motivation provided by exercising with a group. We swim around 3,000 meters during the 75 minutes. *Minimum Requirements: Having basic swimming skills is a prerequisite, and we recommend that newcomers to the class be able to swim at least 400 meters (8 laps / 16 lengths) without stopping and be able to repeat 100’s on a 3-minute interval.

Masters Lite

Masters Lite is a lighter version of Masters. We focus on technique with a balance of speed and endurance. Expect to swim approximately 1,500 meters (1 mile) in this 50-minute class. This is a goal – not everyone will complete the entire workout.Minimum Requirements: Having basic swimming skills is a prerequisite and we recommend that newcomers be able to swim a 50 straight.

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