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Tell us what you are interested in, what your goals and motivations are, and what kind of availability you have in your schedule. We will connect you with a yoga teacher to help you meet your needs.




Tonya Dunn

Hi, I am Tonya Dunn. I began my yoga practice in 1986 as a way to overcome anxiety and chronic back pain. After my first teacher training in 2006, I discovered

the lifeline of the practice and wanted to share the benefits with others in the community. I have 300 additional hours of advanced Yoga Therapy certification and 65 Hours of Functional Yoga therapy Advanced Assessment. I look forward to working with you!

Our sessions together will include: 

  • Functional Yoga Postural Assessment 
  • Development of goals (pain reduction, mobility, flexibility, recovery, etc.)
  • Breathing exercises to reduce stress, increase vitality, and more
  • Meditation tools for everyday living
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Amanda Shannon

I would love to act as your guide to deepen your practice and empower you to discover a deeper level of wellness on and off the mat. 

Offerings available yet not limited to:

Private Yoga sessions catered to your wellness interests and needs

A deeper understanding of poses catered to your body 

Yoga Movement Screen to address areas of restriction and instability in the body

Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation for mind, body, and spirit

Certified: YRT200, 60Hr. Honor Wisdom: Yoga for Wellness, Fitness Trainer, Health Coach


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Jill Mollenhauer

Jill is a 500 hour E-RYT with many certifications and over 13 years of teaching experience. Her passion is yoga therapy and yin yoga, understanding that yoga is much more than the postures themselves.

Yoga is a lifestyle choice. We often have physical issues come up that stem from mental and emotional factors and the practice addresses the whole student. The student that chooses yoga, chooses to do the work it takes to connect mind, body, breath, and spirit.Yoga helps us tune in and turn towards ourselves with more compassion, transforming our energy with movement and breath so that we can come to a place of stillness with more ease. Join me on this journey that is yoga with one on one sessions understanding that you will do the work beyond our time together to truly move through this practice of yoga.


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Shari Schwarz

Shari Schwarz is a Yoga Therapist C-IAYT and an Adaptive Yoga Specialist who works with people to relieve chronic pain and to increase functional mobility, balance, strength and flexibility.

She also works with people with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s and MS. Shari’s heart is to guide people to discover a greater sense of health and wellbeing in mind and body through the practice of yoga and meditation.

Adaptive (chair) yoga for people with movement disorders or limited range of movement

Handstands, inversions, and arm balances

Yoga for powerlifters

Yoga for increased flexibility in body and mind


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