Bodymapp & Kinotek

ABOUT Bodymapp & Kinotek

Stop watching the scales

There’s more to health and fitness than just weight. Bodymapp tracks up to 20 measurements of your body, which tells you more about your health.

Ditch the measuring tape

A smoother online shopping experience at your fingertips. Get accurate body measurements saved to your phone in just a few convenient clicks.

Screen the entire team
in 15 minutes.

Capture baseline data and 3D visualizations across multiple movements for every athlete.

Build a better training plan.

How Bodymapp works

Bodymapp uses the depth sensor in your mobile device* to map the external contours of your body and transform it into a 3D bodymesh that matches your true body shape. This means you don’t need to purchase another device or leave the house to do a body scan!



How Kinotek works

Uses a single camera to record dynamic movements.

✓ Records a full body assessment in 1 minute
✓ Reviews ROM, progress, and 3D visualizations
✓ Creates custom Movement Health Report