Member Services

Name Title Phone Number Additional Information
Michelle Bean Operations Director
Hunter Rhamy Member Services Supervisor
Nina Askew Membership Manager 970-490-1300
Member Services Office 970-490-1300 Option 1

Personal Trainers/Health Coach

Name Title Phone Number Additional Information
Chad Bryant Fitness Director 970-449-6805
Kayla Nuss Personal Trainer 970-581-4824 Group Fitness Instructor, Exercise Physiologist
Jeremy Finkenstadt Personal Trainer 719-360-2060 Certified Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Coach
Cori Crowl Fitness Administrator & Personal Trainer 970-413-4731 Group Fitness Instructor, SGT Head Coach
Rob Anderson Personal Trainer 703-629-1199
Alena Baca Personal Trainer 970-218-0157
Ethan Schlemer Personal Trainer 970-391-1309
Tracy Ibarra Personal Trainer 970-218-9207 Certified Balance Specialist; Certified Small Group Coach
Sandy Aldern Personal Trainer 970-391-4373 Spinning and Core Instructor
Jenny Powelka Personal Trainer 970-631-281 Pilates, TRX and Cycling Instructor
Niki Veldman Personal Trainer & Social Media Specialist 574-354-0165 GLUTESANITY and Group Fitness Instructor
Paige Bryant Personal Trainer 303-704-2773
Stefan Smith Fitness Advisor - Personal Trainer 973-424-7318 Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutrition Coach
Justin Frank Personal Trainer, Director of Personal Trainer Education 845-430-1946
Tiffany Maunu Certified Health Coach 605-290-4261
Shelby Yoder Personal Trainer 970-646-3320 SGT Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist


Name Title Phone Number Additional Information
Erin Mader Massage Therapist 719-600-1719
Mariah Brooks Massage Therapist 970-449-0822


Name Title Phone Number Additional Information
Kelsey DiAstra Yoga Teacher 703-861-7478


Name Title Phone Number Additional Information
Lee Cooper Pilates Teacher 970-218-6805
Mineca Riggs Pilates Teacher 503-516-0012 Doctor of Physical Therapy, Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Sarah Blanton Pilates Teacher 719-235-7614 Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Analia Weber Pilates/ Yoga/ Barre Teacher 305-498-7464 Certified Movement Coach
Holly Rankin Pilates Teacher 970-212-6421 Certified Pilates Instructor


Name Title Phone Number Additional Information
Tracy Ibarra Aqua Fitness Instructor/Trainer 970-218-9207
Nick Anziano Aquatics Manager 970-449-6808


Name Title Phone Number Additional Information
Jenslee Blume Marketing and Design Specialist 712-490-5520
Rachael Burke Treehouse Manager 970-657-4529
Laury Dennis Group Fitness Cycling and Yoga Manager 970-490-1300

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