Why Pilates?

Pilates is known for its stress-relieving properties. The mindful and rhythmic nature of Pilates exercises promotes relaxation and mindfulness. This can help alleviate stress and anxiety, enhancing mental well-being. Additionally, Pilates promotes a heightened body awareness and balance, leading to improved coordination and muscle tone. These combined physical and mental benefits make Pilates an excellent choice for individuals seeking a holistic approach to fitness and well-being, enabling them to lead healthier, more balanced lives.

Benefits of Pilates
– Improved core strength
– Increased flexibility
– Enhanced posture
– Increased muscle tone and definition
– Improved balance and coordination
– Injury prevention and rehabilitation
– Increased energy and stamina
– Stress reduction
– Joint health
– Mind-body connection
– Improved circulation
– Enhanced athletic performance
– Increased long-term functional fitness
– And so much more!

Schedule a Mat Pilates class through the RAC app or contact Group Fitness Manager, Laury, at [email protected] for questions or to get scheduled for a Pilates Equipment class!

Class Descriptions

Equipment Reformer Classes

The Root studio is equipped with Reformers, Towers and Chairs to provide the most complete Pilates experience that keeps your body and mind challenged! A chance to use a variety of the equipment in the studio in a guided setting appropriate for beginners as well as experienced pilates students wanting a slower-paced class. This full-body workout increases strength and flexibility, while improving posture, balance, breath and muscle control.

Private Pilates

Private one-on-one classes provide personalized workouts tailored to your specific fitness goals, ensuring maximum results and individual attention. With the guidance of a dedicated instructor, you’ll master precise movements and techniques on the Reformer, enhancing your strength, flexibility, and posture. These sessions offer a unique, focused fitness experience, perfect for those seeking customized routines and rapid progress.

Mat Pilates

Build your foundation for understanding the Pilates Method while emphasizing proper body mechanics, breath control, abdominal support and spine/pelvic alignment, while stretching, strengthening and lengthening your muscles. You will experience each movement from the inside out as you improve coordination, balance, posture and flexibility. Most mat classes incorporate props to provide support, feedback, challenge and fun! All levels welcome and all classes are included for FREE in all Raintree memberships! Click to view the full schedule.

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