Preferred Partners

We have partnered with like-minded businesses around town to provide you with the best wellness experience. We understand that Raintree can’t provide all services so instead, we did the research and found businesses we trust to give you your best wellness experience.


ProActive PT has been expanding its staff and its networked services to be physical rehabilitation, therapeutic exercise, and athletic performance leaders in the Fort Collins area. An area often overlooked in the

recovery process is addressing underlying positional asymmetries and altered biomechanics, which often lead to symptoms of pain and dysfunction. The staff works hard to determine the cause of a problem and not just the symptoms, and does so by using respiratory, manual, and therapeutic exercise techniques to develop an individualized patient program, while also educating patients to prevent future problems.

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Pure Drip IV Health

Pure Drip IV Health and Wellness is a locally owned intravenous therapy spa that specializes in athletic recovery! IV therapy can improve overall wellness by providing 100% absorption of the nutrients your body needs

for immune support, energy, mental clarity, and cognitive function. Interested in trying out a drip or booster?

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Moonrise Therapy & Wellness

RAC members receive 15% off their first 3 sessions

Moonrise Therapy & Wellness provides individual, couple, and family therapy for Northern Colorado and beyond. We offer both virtual as well as in-person options. Moonrise therapists utilize a range

of specialized trainings, therapeutic approaches and interventions to help you achieve your personal goals and thrive.


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Edge Optics

Eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts, goggles, sunglasses… we do it all better! Our business was founded in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2011 by a local husband-and-wife team Mindy Bryant and optometrist Dr. Mason Bryant,

OD. Edge was developed to provide individual attention to every patient at the eye clinic. We offer fresh, innovative eye care and advanced technology in prescription and non-prescription glasses at competitive prices! Dr. Bryant is the coolest eye doctor in town and provides top quality eye care with a relaxing chair side manner. We also believe in environmental stewardship and offer many eco-conscious eyeglass and sunglass brands, and implement environmentally-friendly practices in our business where we can.

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Bio Feedback Wellness

You’ll grow awareness of your body’s typical way of responding to a Fight/Flight Response. You’ll grow your toolbox for managing stress and anxiety, optimizing performance, and self-regulating your Autonomic Nervous

System. Clients are saying “I can pause and settle myself down.” “My sleep is much better.” “I don’t feel nearly as stressed and anxious.” “I’ve learned to catch and release unnecessary muscle tension.” “My headaches are rare now.” “I’m talking to myself more kindly.” “My spouse says I’m easier to be around.

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Refuge Physiotherapy

Refuge Physiotherapy is an outpatient physical therapy clinic that focuses on catering to you and your specific needs and goals. We focus on the person as a whole by giving each patient an individualized plan of

care, by spending quality time with them to listen and build relationships, and by helping them gain confidence and independence in the process!

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Starlight Health

Starlight Health Direct Primary Care offers young professionals who are fed up with the expense and inconvenience of the traditional medical system, a simple membership plan with no hidden fees, no contracts, and no

surprises. Get direct access to your own personal provider who’s there when you need it, where you want it and who can help you feel secure about your health at a price that’s actually affordable to everyone.  Join the Direct Primary Care revolution by scheduling a free consultation today.

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American Vein & Vascular Institute

American Vein & Vascular Institute is a family-owned and operated network of vein diagnosis and treatment centers in Colorado. Conveniently located in Fort Collins, our vein disease treatments are office-based,

minimally invasive procedures – all in our comfortable, caring environment that also features:

  • No hospitalization or general anesthesia (Treatments may be performed with or without pre-procedure anti-anxiety or oral pain medication upon request)
  • No time off work or interruption of personal life or responsibilities
  • Minimal risk of side effects or damage
  • Minimal post-operative discomfort

If you’re experiencing leg symptoms such as restless or achy legs, varicose or spider veins, ankle/foot swelling, ulcers, or just plain painful legs, give us a call at 970.300.1070 or visit us at

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Copper Heights Chiropractic

We are a sports medicine based chiropractic clinic offering rehabilitative exercises and soft tissue therapies such as Active Release Technique. We stress patient education and give our patients the tools necessary to live life pain free

OLO Physical Therapy & Wellness

Dr. Joe Olofsson is a Physical Therapist located in Fort Collins, CO with a passion for helping people stay in motion. He is a specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy and believes that exercise is one of the strongest tools for promoting change in wellness, strength, mental health, and injury prevention. 

His mission is to keep people doing the activities they love and away from pills, injections, or unnecessary surgery.

After many years of working in diverse physical therapy clinics around the country, he recognized many pitfalls in our medical system. Not enough 1-on-1 care, rushed appointments, unattainable demands from insurance, and pigeon-holed care plans were just a few of them. Dr. Olofsson knew his clients deserved better, and launched OLO Physical Therapy & Wellness in 2020.  
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Covell Care & Rehabilitation

Covell Care offers occupational, physical, and speech therapy, as well as driving rehab, pelvic health therapy, counseling, and care management.

Services are provided in the comfort of your home, office, or community. We serve clients from birth to seniors.”

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Colorado Mobile PT

Colorado Mobile PT is a specialty physical therapy practice that brings outpatient physical therapy to your home. Physical therapist and owner, Leslie Jamison, specializes in treating a variety of populations

including people with Parkinson’s Disease, neurological disorders, and orthopedic conditions. She uses treatments including LSVT Big, specialized exercise prescription, massage, and dry needling. Our practice’s model brings the clinic to your home so you can experience expert care without the commute!

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Colorado Muscle & Joint Clinic

Dr. Huebner is the founder and primary chiropractic physician at Colorado Muscle and Joint Clinic. He started Colorado Muscle and Joint Clinic to provide Northern Colorado with high quality, evidence based care.

He specializes in working with athletes who are looking to get more out of their performance or those who are looking to perform at a greater capacity. He combines several therapy techniques to help patients get where they want to be physically.

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Adaptive Yoga Specialist

Adaptive Yoga Specialists provide skilled support for people living with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, TBI, Dementia, stroke and recovery from injury or illness.

Along with her colleagues, Jennifer Atkins has developed a holistic, comprehensive system of yoga and mindful movement that benefits everyone, especially those living with neurodegenerative diseases.
Services include weekly online classes, individualized private sessions and occasional in-person classes and wellness events.
Adaptive Yoga Specialists know that Every Day Matters when it comes to well being and management of disease processes, and they have the experience, skills and passion to support and inspire that in their clients.

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