5 Pre-Workout Snacks to Fuel Your Fitness

6 March, 2020

If you have my bad habits, you avoid eating before a longer workout. But the right meal or snack before you hit the gym is better for your body than leaving the tank empty.

The snacks you munch on before a workout can make or break your energy levels. Fueling your body, both before and after, can make all the difference. Keeping it light and simple will help avoid the feeling of food babies moving around while you work out.

We asked Raintree Personal Trainer and NASM Fitness Nutritionist, Ashley Talebi, to weigh in on the best snacks before hitting the gym.

Her favorite snacks will power you up without slowing you down. The best news? They’re all less than 200 calories — and delicious on top of that.



Ashley’s 5 Pre-workout Snack Combos:

  1. 1 apple with slices dipped in 1 tbsp. nut butter (almond butter, low-fat peanut butter, etc.)
  2. 1 banana and string cheese
  3. 1 hardboiled egg, sliced on top of a piece of whole wheat toast
  4. 2 tbsp. hummus, 2 rice cakes, and sliced cucumber
  5. ½ cup 2% cottage cheese, handful grape tomatoes, and 5 wheat crackers


Each of these snacks provides a small protein boost combined with carbohydrates to keep your energy levels high throughout your workout.

Eating is recommended no less than an hour before your workout — otherwise your snacks might still be sitting in your stomach while you’re working the treadmill.

After your workout, try to have a protein-rich meal within an hour. This will feed your muscles and give them the fuel to rebuild, stronger than before!

If you have more questions on personal training or fitness nutrition, feel free to drop Ashley a line at [email protected].

By: Mariah Wenzel