2015 RAC Scholarship Update – Amy Howe

6 March, 2020

In her own words, Amy Howe is fightin’ the good fight.

The RAC introduced you to Amy Howe, the 2015 RAC For Life Scholarship winner, two months ago and told you about her battle with Stage 2 breast cancer. Unfortunately cancer doesn’t always adhere to the plans of doctors and specialists and often times does what it wants. Such was the case for Amy, whose last round of chemotherapy was unsuccessful.

So on April 7, Amy underwent a lumpectomy that successfully removed the enire tumor. The one drawback is that there are still some cells lingering in her lymph nodes and to get rid of those, there is one more round of chemo, as well the intense nulesta bone marrow shots, which she called “the worst treatment so far.” If all goes well after the last chemotherapy treatment in mid June, Amy will take one more month off to get her strength back and shoot for a return, on a limited basis of course, to the club to start training with RAC Trainer Tracy Ibarra as well as some final radiation treatments in August.

Please send good thoughts and prayers or even comments below to Amy and let her know that we’re all thinking about her.