2016 Fitness for Life Scholarship Winner Announced

6 March, 2020

Raintree Athletic Club would like to welcome the newest recipient of the RAC Fitness for Life Scholarship, Karla Haskell, to the club’s community.

The Fitness for Life Scholarship provides a paid, one-year membership to a deserving member of the community. The scholarship is designed to provide membership to a person, couple or family who is in need of a healthier lifestyle that may not currently have a gym membership as a tool to achieving their goals.

This year’s recipient, Karla Haskell, is a survivor of West Nile Virus, which she contracted in July of 2015. Although most people recover completely from the virus given time, many are left with symptoms of fatigue and weakness that can last for months. The virus can be a huge setback, restricting exercise and general wellness due to these symptoms.

Karla is excited to join the RAC community and get back into a fitness regimen. When she’s not chasing around her two-year-old son, she has set her own goal to get into the club five times per week. You can usually find her in a yoga class, Tai Chi, or hitting the stair master. She is also excited to continue sampling group fitness classes to reenergize her days, and get fit for her upcoming wedding in June.

Karla will be working with RAC Trainer Dana Myers to reach her fitness goals and RAC Trainer Ashley Talebi to help on the nutrition side throughout the course of the year.

We would like to wish Karla good luck and will be checking in with her throughout the year to see her progress. Congratulations Karla!



2015’s Fitness for Life Scholarship winner, Amy Howe, a breast cancer survivor in the community, was unable to use the full potential of her membership due to surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. However, we are pleased to announce that her scholarship has been extended into summer of 2016.

Amy will be working with experienced RAC Personal Trainer Tracy Ibarra beginning this January and we would like to wish her luck on her journey to health and wellness.