How to make January work at the gym.

6 March, 2020


It’s no secret that January is the month that gyms thrive on. One statistic shows that

80% of people that resolve to do something better in the new year break their New Year’s Resolution, not in the first month, but usually in the first week. In fact the best comment I read while doing my research for this installment was by a guy named Michael, whose pesimistic – heck maybe it was optimistic – view was simple: “Join in February…they’ll all be done by the end of January.”

One may think that the reason some people quit so soon, is because the overcrowding has left a bad taste in their mouths. This ABC News article offers a few helpful tips to those committed to sticking to their resolution. Thankfully at the RAC, some of our trainers have been through their fair share of Januarys and can help you make the most of your visits to keep you on the right track towards your fitness goals.

Trainer Sandy Aldern admits to seeing the frustration from new members, regarding the popular season — and knows the little nooks and crannies that the first-timers and the gym newbies should gravitate towards during their first few months.

“The first thing that comes to mind is going back in the RAC Zone,” Sandy said. You can also, “utilize the cycling studio when there is no class going on. I tend to think about the far reaches of the club. I think about the track, where you can do walking and jogging; but you can also walk and do bicep curls, walk and do overhead triceps, you can do push-ups on the railing and you can utilize the ball, the weights and the mat up there.”

“Another option is body weight workouts. You can utilize any hallway in the RAC to get that aspect of your workout in.”

Trainer Brandon Brooks also offered up some helpful advice that may make it easier to get to the gym in January … and beyond.

“The biggest thing I need to constantly remind people starting at the new year is patience. It doesn’t come over night, I challenge people to ride out the New Years resolution crowd and stay in the gym past that six week boom because significant results aren’t typically seen until 6 weeks,” he said. “Another good approach is setting a big or long term goal that may take a year to accomplish. Also set several short term goals to get closer to your ultimate goal.”

By: Jon Yunt

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