New GRIT Sessions Starting Soon – Get Your Spot Now!

6 March, 2020

GRIT: It’s you vs. you. 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training and then you’re done.

“Les Mills’ GRIT program is, by far, THE most intense workout program one could experience in such a short amount of time,” said long-time GRIT team member Kevin Willey.

GRIT is organized on a team-by-team basis. Starting in March, RAC’s GRIT trainers will be accepting new participants for 6-week, or 3-week express sessions. Registration opens on March 1st and we’re looking for some dedicated athletes to continue carrying the torch.

“GRIT has allowed some of my strongest group fitness athletes a chance to shine and improve the quality of their workouts,” said GRIT Coach Sonja.

The program is based on personal drive, it fits anyone from elite athletes to everyday Joes. You get out what you put in. If you’re serious about taking your fitness to the next level, then these are the workouts for you. Your coach will give you options that allow you to tailor the intensity to suit your own needs.

“I started GRIT to cross train for a half marathon and to push past a weight loss plateau (when nothing else seemed to help),” said GRIT team member Penny Osborne. “Joining GRIT helped me reach all of my training and weight loss goals. It is hard work, but with the combination of great coaches and great workouts, the pay off for me has been huge.”

GRIT comes in three different formats: GRIT Strength, GRIT Plyo, and GRIT Cardio.

Oh yeah — your first workout is free, so you can sample GRIT to see if it is right for you. Simply get signed up for a demo class which will be happening throughout the spring season.

Are you sold yet? Here’s how to register:

  1. Contact a GRIT Coach to discuss which team you’d like to join. Coaches’ business cards are available at the front desk.
  2. Purchase at the front desk as soon as possible. Space is limited to 11 participants per team. Spots are only reserved when purchase is complete.
  3. Must commit to attend both days that your team meets. Missed classes are non-refundable.