Winter Gear Donation Drive A Success

6 March, 2020

Once again, the Raintree Athletic Club community came through.

Every year RAC partners with Homeless Gear for a “Winter Gear Donation Drive,” collecting gently used or new coats, gloves, scarves and other items for those less fortunate in Fort Collins. This year an emphasis was placed on sock donations for the Sock It To ‘Em Campaign – an organization that aims to cover the feet of homeless around the country. 

RAC team members and members alike filled donation buckets in grand fashion, with a variety of gear from gently used coats to brand new wool socks. Members who donated were given a free guest pass as a small thank you for participating. 

“The donation drive was a resounding success as it always is,” Executive Director of Homeless Gear, David Rout said. “I’m always blown away because every year we have this drive … and I would expect the quantity of donations to go down, but that is not the case at Raintree… it has been a really successful drive. It’s always nice to have this reliable source that we can always count on.”

Homeless Gear was established in 2008 and their list of accomplishments, not just in Northern Colorado, but the state as whole is impressive. Here are some of the statistics regarding this local non-profit:

  • Distributed over $4.8 million worth of outdoor gear, outdoor basic clothing, non perishable food, and hygiene items
  • Distributed more than 96,000 “Big 8″ gear items (sleeping bags, sleeping bag pads, tents/tarps, backpacks, day packs, blankets, coats, & shoes/boots).
  • Served 681 unduplicated homeless families and an estimated 2,200 children through our Children In Need program
  • Provided 1,492 shipments of product to support over 50 homeless facilities and agencies throughout Colorado
  • Provided work clothes and footwear to help the homeless secure employment
  • Received the Larimer County Award in recognition for outstanding service to improve community left in Northern Colorado by Group Publishing

According to the Coloradoan, “Fort Collins’ homeless population is more than twice as large as the number of beds available through shelter programs every night.” With that said, RAC always wants to do their part in helping the community – and the members’ generosity is displayed year after year.

For more information on how you can continue to help support Homeless Gear, check out their website:

By: Jon Yunt & Bridget Holt