Water Fitness

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Class Descriptions


Cardio aqua class designed to follow the Tabata workout of 20 seconds intense cardio and 10 seconds recovery. We maintain this format for 30 minutes with a variety of aqua exercises mixed with slow, long-lever moves and quick, short-lever moves. Be sure to bring your water bottle!

H2O Cardio

Class kicks off with 10 minutes of an active warm up. This class focuses on aerobic fitness and muscular specific strengthening and flexibility ending with 10 minutes of toning and stretching.
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H2O Strength/Cardio Intervals

This class combines muscular strengthening exercises and cardio intervals. The intervals are challenged with the use of water flotation equipment. Excellent full body water workout. . . come join the fun!
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HIT The Water

High Intensity interval training in the pool, an hour long strength and cardio workout with low impact and high resistance. The class will work on overall cardio fitness and strength specific training, with a flexibility segment at the end of class.
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Land Turned Water

Take what you would do on the ground into the pool! Get your mind (& body) thinking of these: jumping jacks, cross country or downhill skiing, jump roping, hamstring curls, kicks, boxing, weights… All this – done in the pool… add resistance with low to non-impact. This class is perfect for any body…. from teens to college students, middle age to seniors, and both women & men. If you’re new to tness or a pool veteran, this class will be a great bene t to your workout routine.
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