Scholarship Winner Update: Q&A with Henrietta

6 March, 2020

We are almost halfway through the year, so we wanted to check in with Henrietta Tindall, the winner of our 2019 RAC Scholarship. Last time we caught up with Henrietta, she eagerly described her goals of running a half marathon at Disney World, but needed help making a plan of action. Here’s how her year with RAC personal trainer Niki Veldman and nutrition planning with Colorado Nutrition has been going thus far:

Henrietta (left) with her Personal Trainer, Niki Veldman (middle)

How has your experience at RAC been since the beginning of your scholarship?

I have never had anything but a great experience at RAC.  It has continued to be just that- a great experience. It has all to do with the staff.  There is always a smile on the faces of the front desk staff. I thoroughly enjoy walking in the doors of RAC.  

What has changed in your workout routine?

I have never been comfortable working out in the weight area.  It is very intimidating to me, but I now strength train 2-3 days a week.

How has working with a personal trainer been helpful? Has there been anything you struggled with while working with your trainer?

I absolutely adore my trainer Niki. Working with her has opened my eyes to all the different types of exercises you can do to tone just one area.  I never get bored.

How has Colorado Nutrition helped you with your nutritional planning? What has changed in your diet? Have you noticed any changes (positive or negative) in your training or overall health since developing a plan with them?

Colorado Nutrition has helped to place me on a path to better health.   I started out afraid to eat anything. I didn’t want to put back on the 70 lbs I had already lost.  However, I learned the right way to eat. My meals went from 2 meals a day with a large number of veggies and a small amount of protein. Now I eat 3 meals a day, 3 snacks, a pre-workout snack, and a post-workout snack.  My first body analysis calculated my Body Fat Percentage at 24.1%. On May 21, my Body Fat Percentage was at 19.5%. I have learned that food is not my enemy.

How has your life outside of the gym changed (if at all) since we last spoke? Has your family made any healthy changes? Have they noticed a difference in you?

I have definitely embraced outdoor activities.  I make sure I am doing something each weekend. With me getting out and about more, my family has followed suit.  

Since we are about halfway through your scholarship timeline, do you still feel comfortable with the goals you set at the beginning?

I will definitely reach my goals.  It has encouraged me to set new goals.

What specific improvements have you made in your health and athletic ability so far?

I have made improvements in my health by continuing to eat the right way.  My mental health has also made significant improvements. I struggle with major depressive disorder.  I can now manage my depression with my healthy diet and regular exercise. I’m also developing a pretty impressive bicep.  🙂

Is there anything else you wish to share about your experience?

I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity.  I strive every day to be worthy of everything RAC has offered to me.  I appreciate the entire team at RAC.

Keep up the great work Henrietta – you sure are making us proud!