Tribe Team Training At RAC!

6 March, 2020

Tribe Team Training already boasts thousands of members from all around the globe, and in the new year, it’s coming to Raintree Athletic Club too.  While RAC already offers a wide variety of group fitness programs, the addition of Tribe Team Training will fill the small group training niche for which many have been waiting. So, what is the big deal with Tribe Team Training then? In short, this thoughtfully developed, functional fitness program aims to deliver the promise that together as a tribe, everyone will achieve more.


Underneath the sharp marketing and camaraderie the small group setting encourages, there is also an abundance of smart, useful training techniques designed to help participants achieve big goals in just a quick, six week cycle, or “season” in Tribe lingo. When a member joins Tribe Team Training, they select their coach and team, and commit to the weekly workouts for the duration of the season. In doing so, they benefit the most from the progressive programming, with the added perk of having a coach that gets to know them and can learn their individual strengths and challenges. Training each week with the same group of people also creates a bit of friendly competition, as well as support and encouragement from peers in the same training routine, furthering the impact of the program.

We know that among our members, there are varying degrees of athleticism, and an even bigger variety of fitness goals. With Tribe Team Training, members can choose the Tribe program that suits them best. At this time, RAC will be offering three different Tribe programs. For those who may be seeking a low-impact option, we recommend TribeLIFE. TribeLIFE offers a moderate intensity workout, suitable for those looking to tone muscle, enhance overall wellness, and renew energy. For those who already exercise regularly and are looking to take their fitness routine to the next level, TribeFIT is an excellent choice. This dynamic, high-intensity training program will improve endurance and strength, and will have participants looking and feeling like athletes in no time. Finally, for those looking to specifically enhance their core strength, stability, muscle tone, and power, we recommend TribeCORE. This program is also a low-impact option, but will deliver waistline-trimming results and will complement any existing exercise plan.

Raintree’s Tribe Team Training Coaches after completing their certification! 

Regardless of which Tribe Team Training program a member chooses, they can always expect a few things. First and foremost, invested, knowledgeable, and skilled coaches will be leading the training. Along with their existing commitment to inspiring growth and impacting lives as RAC team members, our coaches are all certified from Tribe Team Training leaders. They have all done the workouts and have the industry-specific knowledge needed to support, guide, and improve the lives of Tribe members. Next, all members can expect thoughtful session programming. Each session builds on the skills learned in the previous, while providing a completely varied routine from day to day. Each season the programming is different as well, so no member will ever get bored by repeating workouts. This in itself make the decision to join Tribe Team Training a no brainer. It’s a sustainable program that will consistently offer new ways to challenge and motivate its members month after month, year after year. Finally, the music – what’s a workout without good music? All members can expect an inspiring, energetic soundtrack that is as varied as the exercise itself.

Our Tribe Team Training space – coming soon!

While the Tribe Team Training program is fee-based, every season is preceded by a free trial week. During the trial week, participants will meet with coaches and other potential members, and of course, try the workouts to pick the program that is right for them. Once a member signs up, they are committed to two sessions a week for the duration of the six-week season. For our introductory season, we are offering a discounted rate of $120 to the first 50 members that sign up. Our first trial week starts January 14th, and we invite any and all interested individuals to join us and see how Tribe Team Training can dramatically impact your health and fitness in 2019 and many more years ahead.